When creating your book cover will you use color to attract, create atmosphere, inform, structure or teach through your design? Why?  Get creative with the text color in your blog post.

One of my favorite things about visuals is the color that is put into a piece.  Depending on what book cover I choose to create/re-create, I will choose a color palette that matches the themes and moods of the text.

If I were to choose a story that is sad or one that has a bit of mystery in it, I would choose a cool color palette: blues, violets, grays, blacks.  I would likely not use a big contrast, the colors would probably flow and swirl into one another creating gradients or sweeping motions, whispering colors.

If I were to choose a book that is full of passion, whether in a positive way or negative way, I would choose a warm color palette: full of hot colors like reds, yellows, oranges, etc.  I could throw some cool colors in too in a subtle way to make a big contrast, causing the warm colors to stand out more, shouting colors.

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