Reading 4: Chapters 11 & 14


Why is formatting text and images so important? How does it differ from the web, to television, to an ad?  With all of these formats how is a logo used?  Support you answer with examples using text and images in your blog post.

Formatting text and images is important because it gives the designers creative control in that the readers’ eyes will follow the design created.  If there is a lot of imagery or bold texts in the center of a page, for example, the readers’ or viewers’ eyes will initially be attracted to the center of the page.  If the images or text lead a kind of path, then the readers’ or viewers’ eyes will follow that lead.

On the web, similar to a newspaper, there is usually a fair balance of imagery to text, with a lot of color and contrast.  With television, almost every message is portrayed without text, and an ad could have mostly imagery, or virtually all text based on what product or service is being advertised.  Logos will often have unique fonts, bold or contrasting colors, or interesting imagery.

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