Reading 5: Chapter 10

Post photos that are:
shows contrast
shows influence through lighting
long shot, and the same images as a close-up 


This photo of trees in a row on the Regis College campus shows symmetry with relatively similar negative space between the trees, and similar height all going in the same direction.


This photo taken on the Regis College campus shows a little asymmetry, with the road being off-center, a large, leafy tree on one side and a thin, tall lamp on the other side.


This photo of trees on the Regis College campus shows a large contrast between one tree with hot colors: reds, orange, yellows, in between two trees holding on to the last days of summer with greens.Contrast 2

This photo shows contrast within one subject, with a pot of flowers with bright pink petals, and vivid yellow centers.

Contrast 3

This photo, of Regis student, Allyson Echevaria, has a bit of contrast with vivid colors in the foreground (her costume and jacket), as well as the colors of the comics in the background.

  Lighting 2 (1) Lighting 2 (2)

These two photos show different lighting views at the same time of day on the same day, with different camera settings.  One that darkens the Norman tower and makes the sky more vivid, and one that highlights the tower and blends the sky.

Lighting 3 Lighting 4 Lighting 5 (1) Lighting 5 (2)

More photos of various lighting effects and how light can be manipulated, or bounced with shadows, etc.


These two photos show the same road and trees on the Regis College campus, but one with a vertical viewpoint and one with a horizontal view.

Long Shot, Close Up (1)  Long Shot, Close Up (2)

Close-up and far away in a woodsy part of Regis College.
Long Shot, Close Up (4)Long Shot, Close Up (3)Far away, and close-up with details of Angel statue on Regis College campus.

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