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Despite the fact that I was considering recreating the covers of either The Giving Tree, or The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, I changed my mind and decided to recreate the cover of The Lovely Bones, being inspired by a friend.  The original cover was shades of blue and white, with the main character, Susie Salmon’s charm bracelet on the front, a picture of the author on the back, and much description on the back.

I re-created the cover almost entirely.  I chose the background color to be Salmon, appropriately after Susie’s last name.  On the front, there is a lot of symbolism.  There is a polaroid, and this is important because Susie had aspired to be a wildlife photographer when she grew up, and her polaroid camera that she got for her birthday was her most prized posession.  The photo itself is of a hat in a cornfield.  The hat would be her hat that her mom knitted her, but which she despised wearing, and the cornfield would become the most haunting place for her and all of her family.  Paired with the photo is a quote Susie had stated, explaining one of the main reasons that she loved photography, a quote that would become an ironic one to her fate.  I tried to keep the fonts all over the cover relatively simple.  The font for the title and author’s name (as well as illustrator’s name) is similar to the font that was on the original cover, and the font that is on the polaroid as well as the quote is supposed to look handwritten, specifically by Susie Salmon.  The font on the back is simple and shows little emotion; I didn’t want the font to look too happy or too revealing.  The description on the back is the one the author used for her story.  Lastly, the charm on the back is another of Susie’s prized possessions, and it was on her bracelet that she always wore.


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