Reading 6: Chapter 4-6


Send your blog link with your book cover design to a partner.  Use your partners design to discuss the strategy including the concept and goal of the design.  Who is it targeting?  What message is it sending?  What was their influence beyond the book plot?

Link their blog to yours in your answer as a new blog post. 

Nicole decided to recreate the cover of the book Go Ask Alice.  According to Nicole, she felt that even though the original cover was appropriately dark and murky like the sadness in the tale, (Alice is a teenager who is coming of age and battling depression and drug abuse simultaneously), the cover made it seem like it was going to be a sort of horror story.  Since the story is written in the form of a diary, with Alice’s thoughts and experiences, she made the decision to recreate the book cover so it would look like a composition journal.  Beyond this book plot, the message that this new cover sends is that the readers are about to, very intimately read into Alice’s life through the words she has written in her journal.  Looking at the new cover, a reader would get the feeling that they are picking up and reading someone’s diary.  In addition, some psychedelic images were added to the journal/cover to kind of open up that idea that Alice really did get into drugs throughout this story and it was a big part of her life at the time.  This new cover could possibly even appeal more to the teenage to young-adult demographic than the original cover did, because it seems to be more like a relatable and attractive cover for that age group than the simpler, dark cover.

GoaskalicsedfsBook Cover copy


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