Project 3A: Opening Movie Title Proposal


Choose from a list of sample movie plots to create the opening titles for.  Submit a proposal with concept and plan of execution.  200 words minimum submitted as a blog post.

I choose to re-create the opening Movie Title of Halloween.  It is a classic horror/thriller film, and an especially go-to movie around, appropriately, Halloween time.  The original opening title was simple, but spooky.  Images of a glowing Jack-o-Lantern, with matching orange colored, bold and slightly shaking then fading fonts appear.  The background is completely dark, if not black, which gives a stark contrast to the foreground.  The camera zooms in slowly on the Jack-o-Lantern, but it is not distracting from the text, and the text is not distracting to the Jack-O-Lantern either.  If anything, the image and the text compliment each other.

I want to take advantage of the fact that Regis is such a creepy, woods-y location and would be perfect for filming a horror movie or some type of Halloween movie.  I will have a couple actors in the movie title, one to play Michael Myers, the infamous killer, and one to play a victim.  Not much of Michael Myers will be shown, maybe a quick flash of his face, or a silhouette view from behind, or a flash of him holding his weapon.  Just a hint of Myers to give viewers enough of a chill to know to fear this character.  If I decide to show a victim, it will be a young woman and because of the time period that the original Halloween movie took place in (1978), she will have to be dressed in the disco-era type style, with big, wavy hair, maybe some floral or a knit sweater or layers, etc.  I will keep Jamie Lee Curtis in mind when designing this character.

I will continue to use the theme song, most likely throughout the whole movie title, because it is vital to the film’s suspense, fear and recognition.


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