Reading 7: Chapter 16


What have you learned about the interplay of text and images from this class?  Use the reading to back up your answer and submit through a blog post using text and images of your choice.

The chapter summarizes the idea of text and image interplay perfectly in one phrase:

“You have to leave something for the Audience to Fill in.”  In other words, visuals and text can be collaborated in a way that sets up unanswered questions for the viewers to figure out the answers to.

Looking at a number of intro Movie or Television show titles was a great way of exploring this concept.  Most of the introductions to the titles showed very little or just enough to allow the audience to wonder and make predictions about the remainders of the film or show.

austin powers

In Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, the opening credits scene involves a lot of creative wordplay that leaves little to the imagination for the audience, while still leaving some imagination as names and words dance across the scene in strategic places.


In Halloween, there is a lot of mystery in the opening credits.  The eerie theme music helps build suspense, but even with just looking at the images, the screen is pitch black in the night, with nothing but a flickering Jack O’lantern and vivid orange lettering leaving the audience to only imagine what horror awaits for the rest of the film.


Like many movie openings, the original Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory begins their opening credits with a “making of” kind of scene, in which viewers witness chocolate being made in the factory.  It plays with contrasting, bright letters to tell us who created the movie, as we watch the chocolate being created.


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